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Open archive for a private design collection • Mexico City • In development

‘Archivo’ offers a mixture of programs, that aims to further enrich the cultural life of Mexico City. The cultural hub is comprised of spaces for exhibitions, educational activities, communal events and commerce. Benefitting from Mexico’s moderate climate the building is designed as a raw exoskeleton that opens up to the surrounding jungle-like greenery. Large open stairs connect the terraces creating a continuous open territory that can be programmed and appropriated by its users for events and to socialize. ‘Archivo' is a vast collection of design items that will be displayed in glazed galleries; a curatorial gesture that is in clear opposition to the traditional walled exhibition space. A 'City Floor' on the top level exhibits the history and future of Mexico City against the backdrop of magnificient skyline views. A wide spectrum of communal life forms an intregral part of the project including spaces for workshops, dance classes and urban gardening in the surrounding green terrain. • In collaboration with FR-EE.